About Us

Foundation of Etech : Etech was founded in the year 2004 by a group of high profile young IT Professionals, having good experience in executing worldwide projects and always believing in pushing the limits while exploring customer needs and other relevant areas, creating a strong base to accomplish the project before actually starting it and innovating some new ideas every time.

What do we do : Etech is an Internet Company dedicated in providing online solutions like Professional Website Design, Web Development, Multimedia. You’ll find a blend of programmers, designers, and visualizers committed to Web Consultancy Services and Research & Development as per latest technologies.

Our Focus : If we talk about internet, Oh God! its a very big and vast place, which you can treat as an “Online International Market”. Just see, most of the business is done on the net only and it has become very easy too for the people to deal with the customers and other entities involved in their market. Every kind of business is done on the internet and that is why this technology has been named as “E-Commerce”. So, its not very easy for each and every web development company to have abilities of providing a good and consistent website to its customers. But, if you think of Consistency, Quality and Accuracy, the you don’t need to search much on the net, just think of Etech, every problem of yours will be solved. Our ability to do the earlier assigned projects shows that we can do everything relevant to fulfill your requirements. As far as the quality and accuracy are concerned, we always focus on “Doing Accurate things and that too without degrading the Quality”

Company and Customer Relationship : We go with you hand in hand and step by step from conceptualization to content development and functionality issues. At every step we focus on your goals, and how best to materialize them through utilization of technology, website design and marketing so as to give you a good and consistent presence on web world.

Standardization : We set standards for providing online solutions through commitment to our customer needs, current market trends and other environmental factors. Right from the start, we thoroughly evaluate the customer needs, give them a practical shape in designing and finally provide an online appearance to those needs. The utmost care is taken at each and every step of project development to prevent any errors and wastage of scarce resources of yours and ours.

We Believe in Quality : Every company claims this line that “We believe in Quality” but there are few out of all which actually follow this universal famous quotation and we are among those few companies. That is why the most valuing factor for us is Quality. Focusing on it, we provide a consistent and appearing presence of our customers on Net ‘The Hub’. You can understand us better by the quality of work we do. As far as the accuracy and time limit of work is concerned, they also go side by side along with our main focus i.e. “Good Quality”.

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